What’s Happening at Whittemore Hardware?

If you have stopped by the store lately you have indeed seen the remodeling under way. When customers come into the store just to browse, I’m sure they’ve heard Arthur’s kindhearted voice telling them “three store fronts, fully loaded, and don’t forget to look up!” We have always squeezed a […]

Roof De-icing Cables

Even in below freezing weather, snow on the roof will often thaw because of heat from the sun and heat loss from the house through the roof. As this melted snow reaches the roof overhang it refreezes. Here there is no heat loss so the roof surface is much colder. […]

How do Ice Dams Form?

                                          Tips for removing ice. https://www.travelers.com/prepare-prevent/mother-nature/winter-storm-safety/ice-dam-removal.aspx


WHITTEMORE REMEMBERS A DEAR FRIEND AND COLLEAGUE It is with a heavy heart that we share the loss of our dear friend Les Gray. For decades, Les has been a member of the Whittemore Hardware and Remodeling family. Early Friday afternoon Les passed away after a brief illness, he was […]

Garden Table | Master Gardner

Come down and check out our garden table and veggies! We have setup a display to showcase Master Gardner’s 4’x3′ garden table. We’ve beefed up our display a bit so that we could wheel it in and out. Features: Solid Sturdy Construction of Natural Aging Wood For Years Of Use. […]