What’s Happening at Whittemore Hardware?

If you have stopped by the store lately you have indeed seen the remodeling under way.IMG_0539

When customers come into the store just to browse, I’m sure they’ve heard Arthur’s kindhearted voice telling them “three store fronts, fully loaded, and don’t forget to look up!” We have always squeezed a lot of product into our store. We go through great strides to make sure we have what our customer’s are looking for. If we don’t have it, usually we can order it and have it within a few days.

So what is all the remodeling about?

We have been able to better place our products with new shelving and more efficient placement. By doing this it has allowed us to free up space in our third storefront. We are going to divide the space with a wall and rent out the front part of the third storefront. Not only does this reduce our rent, which is always a good thing for a local small business, but also it brings a new storefront to downtown Melrose.

Melrose has a very unique downtown that is the envy of most towns. Its mix of great coffee shops, restaurants, florists, clothing stores and other small businesses helps drive the growing demands to live in Melrose and allows the community to thrive. Whittemore Hardware has been a fixture in downtown Melrose for over 90 years and we aren’t going anywhere. However we are happy to reduce our footprint slightly and be able to contribute to the future of the downtown.

So next time you are in the store take a look around because things have moved. You may find light bulbs in that aisle you’ve never been down before or discover that we sell a variety of closet systems. Whatever brings you to the store; give yourself some extra time to explore the changes. And as always, our helpful staff is available for any questions you may have.

We are proud to be part of the bustling downtown and want to thank the community for the continuous support and for shopping local. And keep an eye out for the new storefront. Rumors are, the owner is going to be a familiar face.